Monday, April 26, 2010

Thunders and Candle Light - ~ Almas Ruby

- - - - - -
tonight when thunders embraced
the cruel darkest skies

like the tryst in the arms of love
as the lovers under an old willow

the flash of lightning in the sky black
as the wave of passion running
through the body of belief

the dusky red tinge of candle light
in dark room decked with memories

the flicker of candle light
as the glimmer of confession in your eyes

the tryst giving rains of sensation
the desiccated quenched
the candle dying of
falling into step with
the time so lethal
an impression on the sand of loneliness



  1. beautiful painting of moment by amazing words ,lovely ,thanks for sharing dear take care

  2. If you were a painter you're imagery is that of Michelangelo. Very vivid.