Monday, April 26, 2010

Sculpting Lips of Desire ~ ~ Almas Ruby

Came the specious touch of wind
to my wounded heart
unleashed every deep scar of love
proffered I my heart to the treacherous whispers
those whispers of dawn in oblivion

came the disloyal smile of thoughts
to my heart suffering lacerations
uncovered every desire untouched
slithered I the bleeding heart of mine
to the craves of fulfillment

came the unfaithful feel of touch
to my soul bleeding
unveiled every passion in veil
tendered I the incomplete being of mine
to the whim of that sin of dawn

came the fickle illusion of affect
to my body shivering with fear
sculpting it with the lips of desires
desires so fiery
offered I the cadaver for completion

Ahh this love so pure
could not procure the favors of destiny
the wind shouted out for being capricious
the smile cried over being protean
the feel yelled out for being chameleonic
the illusion cried out for being false

Ahh this love
bitten once again
that shattering moment at dawn
I am left with the remains and ruins
of how
the wind acquitted of the perjury
the smile absolved of the deception
the feel vindicated so easily
the illusion exculpated so sinfully

seen had I the youth in your grizzled desires
all was a dream so beautiful but untrue
the wind was an itinerant
the smile was a fugitive
the feel was a sundowner
the illusion was a nomad

my heart bleeding
the rains bringing flames with them
the ethereal moon bringing fire with it
nothing works
all alone in the darkness of night
all alone in the pains of love
all alone among the coup de grace

the Misericord of Love on my being once again
all alone with my pains
all alone with nocturnal pains


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