Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Willow Trees

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Yesterday there were willow trees on a bank
And a muddy ditch beneath them,
Behind them a grey sheet of cloud
And a shower of fallen blossom at their feet.

But today the sun shines delicately,
The ditch has become a stream
And the stream a mirror of light
Where the curved trunks of the willows
Are clear and dark against the blue and the green and the gold.

What is this new dimension that appears?
With a ditch full of water and a streak of light
The sky that is above is not so far away
As the sky that is below and the clouds upon it,
And the trees that reach up do not raise their arms so far
As they reach down to touch the end of our seeing
Into the Heart of the World.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sorrowed Soul ~ A true story

The sun has gone to its abode and darkness has scattered far and wide
Twinkling stars has covered the sky as dress of a new bride

It’s another painful night
Another night of my sorrow and plight

Tears are sprouting from eyes
Making wretchedness and dryness in eyes

I know not what I want
Neither have I wanted heaven nor hell
Aaah, there is no heaven for a sorrowed heart
Heaven is a forsaken place for a sorrowed heart

Oh my Lord, I had wished to seek Thine mercy and blessings
Alas, I am yet able to get neither
Thee put me in love and joy
Thee put me in harmony, tranquility and matched a beloved!
Thee departed the to be parted one…

Oh Lord, what Thee made of an unpurified body and soul
Alas, I am loathed and dreadful and yet wretched soul
Alas, such a soul is preordained to be scorned!
Aah, such a soul is predestined to be left alone!

Oh Lord, all told, Thee mercy pounces even a tiny tear of a nonbeliever turned believer
Oh Lord, a soul is weary; though teary drenched yet still questing Thine benevolence
Oh Lord, a soul is tired; why don’t Thee make a wretched pure!
Oh Lord, a soul is not atheist or nonbeliever…….
Oh Lord, compassionately cease the sorrow and plight….