Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sorrowed Soul ~ A true story

The sun has gone to its abode and darkness has scattered far and wide
Twinkling stars has covered the sky as dress of a new bride

It’s another painful night
Another night of my sorrow and plight

Tears are sprouting from eyes
Making wretchedness and dryness in eyes

I know not what I want
Neither have I wanted heaven nor hell
Aaah, there is no heaven for a sorrowed heart
Heaven is a forsaken place for a sorrowed heart

Oh my Lord, I had wished to seek Thine mercy and blessings
Alas, I am yet able to get neither
Thee put me in love and joy
Thee put me in harmony, tranquility and matched a beloved!
Thee departed the to be parted one…

Oh Lord, what Thee made of an unpurified body and soul
Alas, I am loathed and dreadful and yet wretched soul
Alas, such a soul is preordained to be scorned!
Aah, such a soul is predestined to be left alone!

Oh Lord, all told, Thee mercy pounces even a tiny tear of a nonbeliever turned believer
Oh Lord, a soul is weary; though teary drenched yet still questing Thine benevolence
Oh Lord, a soul is tired; why don’t Thee make a wretched pure!
Oh Lord, a soul is not atheist or nonbeliever…….
Oh Lord, compassionately cease the sorrow and plight….

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