Sunday, December 13, 2009

That Beautiful Sin - Almasy Ruby

- --- - -
That beautiful sin

That drenched night,
Violent breeze rushing through the silence of sin,
Like the craves of your soul incomplete,
That night so rainy,
Like the showers of your passion,
That night so dark alike Zirconium Black,
Like the snake so black and lurking Like the depth of your sin,
Those tall trees waving through the skies,
Like your emotions to the love so pure,
The leaves sopping wet,
Like you dripped in sweat of completion!

That night,
Embellished by the dripping drops of rain,
Like the dripping diamonds of your love on the Fair’s neck,
You creeping in the night so sinful,
With my anklet stolen when you prowled,
Bedraggled are my feet bare,
Looking for my anklet so teasing,
My hair dripping down my back..!

Caught I your eyes so timorous yet sinful,
Feigning you are know I,
Your eyes set into the beauties so sinful..
Look at me not Oh you,
Look at me not Oh you...

Turned you to the deadened stone,
By the night so wet and sinful,
By the love so sinful,
By the sin so beautiful..... !

by Almaas Ruby


  1. As usual your poems are beautiful and heartfelt. I hope all is well with you and your love.