Tuesday, November 3, 2009

If he be scent ~ Parvin Shakir

- - - - - -
If he be scent,
let him not touch me,
and pass,
until he be part of my existence.

The flower half-opened its lips,
[So] all stealth of colour may not be
blamed upon the butterfly.

He favours faithfulness out of fear,
losing me,
this girl shall die
of pain.

I shall cleanse his lashes with my shawl
[So] the dust of this day's journey,
may not enter tomorrow's!

Through whom shall I send him today's prayer?
Ambassador, air, star -
None visits his abode!

Parveen Shakir
[This is english translation of Parvin Shakir's poem: Khushbu hai vo to]


  1. Very Nice blog and good collection of poetry. Infact you are very good at translation. keep it up.

  2. I love poetri...
    i feel fly in the skay...
    very nice for you..
    thanks...keep it up

  3. This feels like a very passionate poem.

    I like the rough translation into English, it makes the whole feel of the poem more romantic. Rough and romantic.

  4. I read this poem again...and again i feel passions and enchantments...thank you for sharing!