Sunday, October 11, 2009

Meeting my beloved..........

My eyes are joyous to see my beloved,
My ears are happy to listening your melodious voice,
My nose is smooth by inhaling fragrance in air around you,
My mind is sweet with peace and harmony,
My feet are dancing at the tune of your gait.

Oh my beloved I am in ecstasy from head to toe
Its only after meeting you....................

So come very often to see me,
Lest my soul not part my body, longing to see you...


  1. Oh so beautiful are your words,
    As you have found your beloved,
    You are both dancing in ecstasy,
    Enjoying the bound between each soul.

    Thanks for writing such beautiful poetry.

    God Bless

  2. hmm.. thnx for your appreciation dear... yes love is a feeling which moves beyond normal thinking level ....


  3. ur poem could made the girls was crazy about u Bro...:)

  4. hmm...... well i m not concerned for the girls except for my beloved.... chao!!!

  5. Beautiful poem.Each word is so beautiful....... Keep posting.