Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It was the night of Lailatul-Qadr

'Twas the night of Lailatul-Qadr
And all through the frat
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a rat.

The guys were all sleeping
All snug on the floor,
Till one of them woke
From a loud raucous snore.

It came from outside,
Not a snore but a clatter,
So Bilal rushed to the window
To see what was the matter.

The thought of a burglar
Was his reason to hurry,
But Alhamdoolilah,
'it was old Ramadan Ali!

His charm and charisma
Could surely outdo most,
His belly shook when he laughed
Like a plate full of hummos.

His aura was commanding
Yet jovial and funny,
Like a mixture of falafel
And chicken biryani.

His angels hung their blessings
Over the chimney with care,
In hopes that we thank
Allah later through prayer.

When Ramadan Ali was done,
He hurried away,
And Bilal swore that he glimpsed
A camel-drawn sleigh.

On Faisal! On Amina! On Abdul-Kareem!
On Aisha! On Sonia! On Hussain and Imran!
On Adil! On Omar! On Rudolph Ali Khan!"
(he converted)
And through the most holy night,

Bilal waved the spirit goodbye,
And the crescent-shaped moon
Caught the noor from his eye.
And as he went back to sleep,
The faint voice didn't wake 'im:
"A peaceful Ramadan to all! As-salaam-alaikum!"

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