Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I waited for the moment to come to me
For the voice that I hear and the sound that plead

As touch of my love had tinkled your heart
And voice of a lady has made you apart

When twinkiling of light gave birth to a star
Then down comes the earth this passion to heart

I confessed those sins in all my dreams
And scolded myself so brutal and mean

So gentle I felt the touch on my palm
As thou forth had laid this will and his arm

As sweet as you taste, I may not be rude
But let me just say, my dreams are so crude

When one day I'ill die. You'ill know me quite well
For what I was made, may not be so dwell

As I may live as many lives as you wish
Let they shall be known, how wonder I am

And soul laid lives, in blinking of eyes
And head tipped off and sad eyes cried

What shall now they ay, to honour my days
For what I had laid, is PASSION my prays.

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